D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor SDI-12

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D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with SDI-12 output. Measures Temperature, Percent Saturation and Parts per Milion.... Mehr anzeigen
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Please note: the D-Opto sensor can only be purchased by mail. Please contact us for a free quote at [email protected] and specify the preferred cable length. The price per meter is €14,50. (max. 30 meter)

The D-Opto Sensor requires a SDI-12 capable external datalogger.

The D-Opto is an instrument designed for measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations in liquids. The instrument uses field proven solid state optical sensing technology that is highly stable over long periods of time, even in harsh conditions. The D-Opto has extremely low power requirements, and outputs the data in SDI-12 format making it ideal for incorporation into remote environmental monitoring installations. Percent saturation values generated by the D-Opto are the percentage saturation that would occur if the measured liquid were saturated with air under a standard barometric pressure of 1013 mBar at the same temperature.

Unlike conventional dissolved oxygen instruments, the D-Opto sensing element utilises fluorescence to measure dissolved oxygen. The basic principle involves subjecting a fluorescing compound to a fixed wavelength of light. When the light source is removed, the compound emits a fluorescence, the intensity of which is dependent on the oxygen levels present in the surrounding water. Ruthenium is used as the fluorescing compound in the D-Opto. An extremely stable electronic circuit is used to excite the ruthenium, and then measure the intensity of fluorescence. As a result, the D-Opto should provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements over long periods of time without the need for re-calibration.

Unlike conventional polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors, the optical method does not consume oxygen. Consequently the measurement of dissolved oxygen by the D-Opto is unaffected by water flow. Similarly the D-Opto does not utilise a membrane or any other consumables, thus minimising the servicing requirements.

It is available with either SDI-12, 4-20mA or 0-5 volt signal output. The low power consumption and low sensor drift make the D-Opto an ideal choice for remote installations. The D-Opto interface panel makes installation and connection to a data logger quick and simple and enables simultaneous connection with a computer to ease in-situ calibration and field checks.

For situations where bio-fouling is extreme, the D-Opto can be fitted with the D-Opto Shutter system.  Every D-Opto has a copper ring surrounding the optical window to reduce bio-fouling. Please contact us if you are interested in the shutter system.

D-Opto cable: 4 core, fully screened, EPDM sheathed.

The D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensor SDI-12 is the sensor for stream, river and estuary uses.

In Short:

  • Measures temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation and dissolved oxygen content
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Copper anti-fouling ring around the optical window
  • Minimal servicing requirements
  • 30 meter depth rating
  • No consumables

Package contents:

  • Zebra-Tech D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Logger SDI-12 (please specify cable length)
  • bio-foul ring,
  • interface board,
  • software,
  • and communications cable.



ZT D-01 + ZT D01C


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D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor SDI-12
€ 3.599,-
D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor SDI-12
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