Hi-Sound Stereo-Parabolmikrofon

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Hi-Sound Stereo-Parabolmikrofon für außergewöhnlich scharfe Aufnahmen in Kombination mit Ihrem Audiorecorder.... Mehr anzeigen
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Parabolic microphones are extremely directional and will pick up sounds over long distances. This makes them ideal for wildlife recording.

The stereo effect is given by the channels separation obtained by placing a separator disc (baffle) between two pairs of microphones, positioned to the left and right channels with two capsules for each channel. The dish is composed by two circuits with top and bottom shield; the same shield is tightly connected to ground of the four capsules so to minimize the immunity to external interferences.

The Hi-Sound Stereo Parabolic Microphone uses two pairs of microphones separated by a baffle in order to capture sounds in stereo. The use of two capsules for each channel provides a signal gain of approximately +3dB and decreases self noise. The combined signal is routed through a single stereo 3.5mm mini-jack or through a stereo XLR plug. Audio range of the microphone is 100Hz – 20kHz.

The parabolic dish has an outer diameter of 53cm and a focus depth of 12.5mm and the PETG dish is 1mm thick. The microphone is fitted with a handle with comfortable foam grip and a 1m cable. Plug in power (3 - 5V) is required and can be provided via the 3.5mm microphone socket on many portable recorders. 

The Hi-Sound Stereo Parabolic Microphone is suitable for the recording of bird calls in daytime and nighttime, making it also very applicable for nocmig (nocturnal bird migration) recording, also known as NFC: Night Flight Call recording.

You have two choices:

4 x EM172 or 4 x AOM microphones

The 4 x AOM-5024, two for each channel, combination is the ideal solution for very high sensitivity applications such as night migration bird monitoring but loud sound can easily saturate the signal bringing distortion.


  • Material: PETG
  • Audio range: 100Hz – 20KHz
  • Sensor: 4 x EM172 or 4 x AOM-5024
  • Self noise: 14dB
  • Connector: mini jack 3.5mm gold plated or stereo XLR plug
  • Outer diameter: 53cm
  • Focus depth: 12.5mm
  • Weight: 755g
  • PIP plug in power supply required for jack connector or phantom supply for the XLR.


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Hi-Sound Stereo-Parabolmikrofon
€ 499,-
Hi-Sound Stereo-Parabolmikrofon
Output: 3.5 mm Jack, Mikrofon: 4 x AOM
1 Auf Lager: An Werktagen vor 17:00 Uhr bestellt, noch am selben Tag versendet.
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