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Verhindern Sie Hörschäden mit den Alpine WorkSafe Ohrstöpsel. Diese wiederverwendbaren Stöpsel sind benutzerfreundlich und angenehm zu tragen.... Mehr anzeigen
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Work comfortably with WorkSafe Earplugs

Many people regularly work at home or work in too much noise every day. The risk of contracting hearing damage is great for this group. For anyone who works in too much noise, it is necessary to wear good hearing protection. Drilling, sawing, grinding, sanding, sanding and mowing in and around the house is extremely comfortable with the special WorkSafe earplugs. The unique AlpineAcousticFilters dampen harmful sounds, but ensure that calls and warning sounds remain audible. Ideal for every handyman and field worker who takes his safety and hearing seriously.
Revolutionary model WorkSafe Earplugs
Twenty years of experience have led to Alpine having developed an ideal new model ear plug. The very well thought-out and extensively tested form of the WorkSafe Earplugs ensures a natural, flat attenuation and a great fit.
AlpineAcousticFilters ™ - Safety above allThe special acoustic filters in the WorkSafe earplugs offer extra heavy damping that stops all harmful noise. The noise is reduced to a safe level where you can easily stay for eight hours. Thanks to the sophisticated AlpineAcousticFilters, it is still possible to talk normally with fellow workers or colleagues. Safety sounds will also remain audible. The filters prevent a closed feeling of the environment.
Very comfortable AlpineThermoShape ™ materialWorkSafe earplugs have a very nice fit. They are made of AlpineThermoShape material specially developed by Alpine, which forms to the ear canal. This material forms to the ear so that the earplugs fit perfectly and stay in place. The material is an Alpine innovation, hypoallergenic, does not contain silicones and therefore does not cause allergic reactions.
Special model earplugs against noiseWorkSafe earplugs have an extended stem that makes it easier to get them in and out of your ears. The earplugs themselves are black so they discolor less quickly and stay fresh.
Alpine lanyardWith each package there is an Alpine lanyard, so that the earplugs can be put in and out for a short time and are always at hand. The cord can easily be attached to the earplugs. Because the cord is attached to the side of the filter, the effect of the filter is not affected.
Dutch DesignThe design of the Alpine hearing protectors is an exclusive Dutch Design. All earplugs and filter systems are produced in the Netherlands.





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