Animals of Kruger National Park

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Author Keith Barnes
ISBN 9780691161785
Publisher Priceton UP
Language Engels
Pages 176
Format 15 x 21 cm
Binding Paperback
Pictures   Colour photos and 2 maps
Year of Publication    2016


South Africa’s Kruger National Park is one of the largest and most diverse conservation areas in Africa, and a hugely popular visitor attraction. Animals of Kruger National Park is a compact and beautifully illustrated guide, and the essential companion for any safari to the region. With an eye-catching design, authoritative and accessible text and easy-to-use format, this detailed photographic guide provides information on identification, habitat, behaviour, biology and conservation for all the mammals, reptiles and frogs likely to be seen. Introductory sections provide background information on the park and its habitats, when to visit and where to go, and other practical considerations that will help to enhance your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the animals of this incredible region.


  • The essential all-in-one Kruger safari companion, ideal for all visitors
  • Unique and attractive layout, featuring 216 stunning colour photographs, 116 track (spoor) illustrations and two maps
  • Covers 57 mammals, 17 reptiles and eight frogs
  • Features the ‘Big 5’—elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses and buffalos—as well as other iconic and charismatic animals
  • Provides key information on identification, behaviour, biology and conservation



Table of contents

The region 7
The aim of this book 8
How to use this book 10
Glossary of terms 12
Kruger's importance for biodiversity 14
The seasons and timing your visit 15
Considerations for your visit 16
The habitats 17
Characteristic plants 18
Map showing the distribution of habitats in Kruger National Park 22
Map of Kruger National Park and adjacent private concession areas forming the Greater Kruger National Park conservation area 23
How, where and when to watch animals in Kruger National Park 24
The ten best wildlife-watching routes 28

Mammal tracks 32
Lion Panthera leo 40
Leopard Panthera pardus 44
Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus 48
Serval Leptailurus serval 52
Caracal Caracal caracal 53
Wild Cat Felis sylvestris 54
African Civet Civettictis civetta 55
Common Genet Genetta genetta 56
Large-spotted Genet Genetta maculata 57
Spotted Hyena Crocuta crocuta 58
Aardwolf Proteles cristata 62
Banded Mongoose Mungos mungo 64
Common Dwarf Mongoose Helogale parvula 65
Common Slender Mongoose Herpestes sanguineus 66
White-tailed Mongoose Ichneumia albicauda 67
Zorilla Ictonyx striatus 68
Honey Badger Mellivora capensis 69
Black-backed Jackal Canis mesomelas 70
Side-striped Jackal Canis adustus 71
African Wild Dog Lycaon pictus 72
Temminck's Ground Pangolin Smutsia temminckii 74
Aardvark Orycteropus afer 75
Spotted-necked Otter Hydrictis maculicollis 76
African Clawless Otter Aonyx capensis 77
African Elephant Loxodonta africana 78
White Rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum 82
Black Rhinoceros Diceros bicornis 84
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibious 86
Common Warthog Phacochoerus africanus 90
Plains Zebra Equus quagga 92
Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis 94
African Buffalo Syncerus caffer 98
Common Eland Tragelaphus oryx 102
Greater Kudu Tragelaphus strepsiceros 104
Common Duiker Sylvicapra grimmia 106
Sharpe's Grysbok Raphicerus sharpei 107
Steenbok Raphicerus campestris 108
Klipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus 109
Southern Reedbuck Redunca arundinum 110
Bushbuck Tragelaphus scriptus 112
Nyala Tragelaphus angasii 114
Roan Antelope Hippotragus equinus 116
Sable Antelope Hippotragus niger 118
Waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus 120
Impala Aepyceros melampus 122
Tsessebe Damaliscus lunatus 124
Common Wildebeest Connochaetes taurinus 126
Scrub Hare Lepus saxatilis 128
Springhare Pedetes capensis 129
Rock Hyrax Procavia capensis 130
Cape Porcupine Hystrix africaeaustralis 131
Vervet (Monkey) Chlorocebus pygerythrus 132
Chacma Baboon Papio ursinus 134
Southern Lesser Galago Galago moholi 136
Thick-tailed Greater Galago Otolemur crassicaudatus 137
Smith's Bush Squirrel Paraxerus cepapi 138
Epauletted fruit-bats Epomophorus spp. 139

Nile Crocodile Crocodylus niloticus 142
Leopard Tortoise Stigmochelys pardalis 144
Serrated Hinged Terrapin Pelusios sinuatus 145
Water Monitor Varanus niloticus 146
Rock Monitor Varanus albigularis 146
Puff Adder Bitis arietans 148
Mozambique Spitting Cobra Naja mossambica 149
Black Mamba Dendroaspis polylepis 150
Southern African Python Python natalensis 151
Common Flap-necked Chameleon Chamaeleo dilepis 152
Southern Tree Agama Acanthocercus atricollis 153
Rainbow Skink Trachylepis margaritifer 154
Striped Skink Trachylepis striata 155
Variable Skink Trachylepis varia 156
Common Tropical House Gecko Hemidactylus mabouia 157
Common Giant Plated Lizard Matobosaurus validus 158
Rough-scaled Plated Lizard Broadleysaurus major 159

African Bullfrog Pyxicephalus edulis 162
Southern Foam-nest Frog Chiromantis xerampelina 163
Banded Rubber Frog Phrynomantis bifasciatus 164
Snoring Puddle Frog Phrynobatrachus natalensis 165
Bubbling Kassina Kassina senegalensis 166
Plain Grass Frog Ptychadena anchietae 167
Bushveld Rain Frog Breviceps adspersus 168
Painted Reed Frog Hyperolius marmoratus 169

Further reading and online resources 170
South African National Parks (SANParks) main regulations 171
Rhinos on the edge 172
Acknowledgements and photo credits 173
Index 174

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