Dodotronic Ultramic384K BLE
Dodotronic Ultramic384K BLE

Ultramic384K BLE

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The Ultramic384K is a high quality, professional digital device that can work as:

  • an USB ultrasonic microphone
  • and as a smart autonomous full spectrum recorder

The Bluetooth connection is used only for an easy configuration of the microphone if used as autonomous recorder. The ultrasonic transfer is done via USB.

The Ultramic384K BLE has an integrated analog-to-digital converter able to achieve a 384 kHz data sampling rate. The USB 2.0 full speed port allows an easy connection to a PC, iOS, Android smartphone or tablet and embedded Linux systems. The Ultramic384K BLE is composed of a main body with digital and differential analog amplification, a waterproof, high performance audio and ultrasonic microphone with a FG sensor, and a preamplification circuit. The ultrasonic sensor can be replaced with other sensors such as an infrasonic microphone, a vibration sensor, or a hydrophone. When used with an external USB battery, the Ultramic384K BLE's low power, integrated 32 bit microcontroller makes it the perfect device for long term autonomous recording.


  • The Ultramic384K BLE is a high performance – omnidirectional audio and ultrasonic microphone
  • USB 2.0 full speed connection using a driverless – standard audio class UAC 1.1 interface for an easier communication with host devices
  • Hardware amplification gain is settled via two switches
  • Easy disassembly to access the SD card slot, the backup battery, the preamplification switches and button.


The Ultramic384K BLE can be used in scientific research for: Bioacoustics and Industrial research:

  • Detecting and recording of biological ultrasounds for bioacoustics studies on insects, cetaceans, rodents, and of course bats.
  • Environmental studies to assess the impact of wind farms on bats.
  • Recording and analyzing mice ultrasonic vocalizations for pharmacological studies.
  • Soundtracks and special effects (such as slowing down the recorded ultrasounds).
  • LEAK detection
  • Predictive motor fault monitoring
  • Detection of high-frequency noises emitted by switching power supplies, LCD screens, or the turbines of car and truck engines, energy saving lamps.


Technical Specifications

Recording format  Linear PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format
Recording medium

SD card (512MB to 2GB)

SDHC card (4GB to 32GB)

SDXC card (64GB to 512GB)


IN+ IN- 0 – 1 V differential voltage input

USB B connector

USB 2.0 Full Speed

USB audio class 1.1

External dimensions

Total length 160 mm

Diameter 25.4 mm


129g (coin battery included.)

Reference input level

Switch setting       Level Value
HI                        114dBSPL
LOW                     74dBSPL

Sampling frequency

384 K sampling per second


16 bit


Hign quality and low noise, differential analog amplification with no filter


32 bit integrated ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller


35 mA power requirement in USB mode
30 mA mean power requirement in autonomous
recording mode
140 mA maximum peak while recording


Software upgradable via firmware file stored in the micro
SD card

Microphone sensor

FG23629 from Knowles

Backup battery

CR1220 coin cell backup battery


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