Fungi of Antarctica - Diversity, Ecology and Biotechnical Applications

Fungi of Antarctica - Diversity, Ecology and Biotechnical Applications

Artikelnummer: 9783030183660
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Levertijd: 4-8 werkdagen
Auteur Luiz Henrique Rosa
ISBN 9783030183660
Taal Engels
Uitgever Springer International Publishing
Pagina’s 345
Bindwijze Hardcover 
Afbeeldingen    11 b/w illustrations, 51 illustrations in colour
Jaar van uitgave   2019

Fungi of Antarctica focuses on the fungi found in one of the most pristine regions on Earth: Antarctica. It discusses the fungal occurrence in all substrates of the region, including soil, seawater, lake and marine sediments, rocks, ice, and snow. It also addresses the impact of climate changes on these organisms, the genomic techniques developed to study them, and how a number of compounds, such as antibiotics and enzymes, produced by the Antarctic fungi can be used in medicine, agriculture and the chemical industry.



1. Fungi in Antarctica: Diversity, ecology, effects of climate change, and bioprospection for bioactive compounds
2. Uncultivated Fungi from Antarctica
3. Fungi present in soils of Antarctica
4. Diversity and ecology of fungal assemblages present in lakes of Antarctica
5. Rock-inhabiting fungi in Antarctica: new frontiers of the edge of life
6. Fungi in snow and glacial ice of Antarctica
7. Antarctic permafrost: an unexplored fungal microhabitat at the edge of life
8. Fungi associated with plants and lichens of Antarctica
9. Fungus-invertebrate interactions in Antarctica
10. Sub-Antarctic and Antarctic marine ecosystems: an unexplored ecosystem of fungal diversity
11. The use of psychrophilic Antarctic yeast in the biological control of post-harvest diseases of fruits stored at low temperatures
12. Bioactive compounds produced by Antarctic filamentous fungi
13. Antarctic yeasts as a source of enzymes for biotechnological applications
14. Antarctic fungi as producers of pigments
15. Genomics of Antarctic fungi: A new frontier

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