Hydro-Wiper - Data-Logger Controlled

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    Zebra-Tech datalogger controlled Hydro-Wiper uses your power supply and wipe trigger signal to control the wipe.... Toon meer
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    When ordering, please specify your datalogger model. Hydro-Wiper will be built for your specified datalogger. If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] before ordering.

    The Hydro-Wiper is a mechanical wiper system designed to fit easily to a range of sensors and cameras. Using a regular gentle brushing action, the Hydro-Wiper keeps optical windows clean from bio-fouling and other unwanted deposits such as mud. Reduce the need for costly site visits and ensure data integrity during long deployments.

    The data logger controlled Hydro-Wiper consists of a wiper unit that is attached to the instrument by a purpose designed clamp. The wiper unit is connected to the Hydro-Wiper control module by an electrical cable. The control module is a small rugged wiring panel that connects to a power supply and a data logger. To initiate a wipe, the data logger simply sends a trigger signal to the control module. Synchronising the wipe with measurements from the instrument ensures data quality is consistent throughout the deployment.


    • ZebraTech Hydro-Wipers are designed and built to last, even in the harshest environment.
    • Hydro-Wipers use a special custom designed brush that has over many years and thousands of deployments, proven to keep delicate windows clean without causing scratching or damage.
    • The park position and wipe angle can both be easily adjusted to suit the instrument installation.
    • All Hydro-Wipers feature "fail-safe" technology to ensure successful long term deployments. If the brush arm is bumped or forced, the Hydro-Wiper will automatically reset the brush arm position back to the park position.
    • If the brush arm is jammed, for example with rope entanglement, the Hydro-Wiper is not damaged. Instead it periodically tries to untangle itself.
    • Need to wipe multiple instruments? No problem. We can supply custom brushes and clamps for up to 3 instruments onto a single Hydro-Wiper.
    • Hydro-Wipers have a 30m depth rating as standard, with 100m options available.



    • Brush construction: PVC stock, stainless staples, nylon bristle; user replaceable
    • Construction: Passivated stainless steel, Acetal
    • Depth rating: 30m as standard

    Data-Logger Controlled unit

    • Power supply: Between 8 and 24 volts DC
    • Power consumption between wipes: 0.06mA
    • Power consumption during a wipe: Typically 90mA


    Can be used with the following models:

    Aanderaa AADI Optode 3835 cable mountedA
    Aanderaa AADI Optode 4130 cable mountedB
    Aanderaa AADI Optode 4175 cable mountedB
    Aanderaa AADI Optode 4330 cable mountedA
    Aanderaa AADI Optode 4531 cable mountedB
    Aanderaa AADI Optode 4835 cable mountedA
    Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 3712 cable mountedB
    Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4112 cable mountedA
    Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4112 bulkhead mounted on Seaguard IW platform C
    Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4705 cable mountedA
    Apogee PARA
    Aquatec AQUAlogger 200
    Aquatec AQUAlogger 210
    BBE Algae TorchC
    BBE Fluoroprobe IIIC
    Campbell Scientific OBS3A
    Campbell Scientific OBS3+A
    Campbell Scientific OBS5+C
    Chelsea Instruments TriLuxA
    Chelsea Instruments UniLuxA
    Chelsea Instruments UviLuxC
    Dataflow Odyssey SensorA
    ISA Spektrometers (please specify pathway)*B
    LiCor Li-192A
    Ponsel Turbidity SensorA
    Ponsel OptodA
    RBRvirtuoso (Seapoint Tu bulkhead mtd)C
    RBRsolo Tu (Seapoint Tu)S
    RBRcoda ODO (Optode)A
    RBRduet³ T.ODO|slow (OSP)A
    RBRcoda ODO (Optode), 30mm diaA
    Satlantic SUNA v1 (please specify pathway)*C
    Satlantic SUNA v1, low-profile clamp (please specify pathway)*C
    Seabird SeaOWL UV-AC + S/S backing plate
    Seapoint FluorometerC
    Seapoint Turbidity MeterA
    TriOS Dissolved OxygenA
    TriOS EnviroFluC
    TriOS Immersion TurbidityB
    TriOS LisaB
    TriOS MatrixA
    Trios MicroFluB
    TriOS nanoFluA
    TriOS NEPH Suspended SolidsB
    TriOS NEPH TurbidityB
    TriOS Nico (please specify pathway)*B
    Trios Opus (please specify pathway)*B
    TriOS Ramses-ACCB
    Turner Designs Cyclops-7 Metal/Delrin bodyA
    Valeport HyperionB
    Wet Labs C-Star 10cm pathwayS
    Wet Labs C-Star 25cm pathwayS
    Wet Labs Eco TripletC

    Class S is custom-built. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


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    Hydro-Wiper - Data-Logger Controlled
    € 1.532,-
    Hydro-Wiper - Data-Logger Controlled
    Max. Diepte: 30 meter, Loggerklasse: Klasse A
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