AuteursJeffrey C. Carrier, Michael R. Heithaus & Colin A. Simpfendorfer
    UitgeverCRC Press
    Formaat284 x 386 x 25 mm
    Afbeeldingen   Kleurenfoto's en illustraties
    Jaar van uitgave  2020

    Over the last decade, the study of shark biology has benefited from the development, refinement, and rapid expansion of novel techniques and advances in technology. These have given new insight into the fields of shark genetics, feeding, foraging, bioenergetics, imaging, age and growth, movement, migration, habitat preference, and habitat use. This pioneering book, written by experts in shark biology, examines technologies such as autonomous vehicle tracking, underwater video approaches, molecular genetics techniques, and accelerometry, among many others.

    Each detailed chapter offers new insights and promises for future studies of elasmobranch biology, provides an overview of appropriate uses of each technique, and can be readily extended to other aquatic fish and marine mammals and reptiles. Including chapter authors who were pioneers in developing some of the technologies discussed in the book, this book serves as the first single-source reference with in-depth coverage of techniques appropriate for the laboratory and field study of sharks, skates, and rays. It concludes with a unique section on Citizen Science and its application to studies of shark biology.

    This is a must-read for any marine biologist or scientist working in the field of shark biology, as well as marine biology students and graduates.


    • Unravelling Shark Trophic Interactions and Ecosystem Roles
    • Biomarkers
    • Approaches to Food Web Modelling
    • Spatial Ecology and Behavior
    • Satellite Tracking Methods and Analysis
    • Biologging
    • Aerial Surveys and the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
    • Animal-bourne Imaging
    • Automomous Vehicle Tracking
    • Stationary Underwater Video Approaches
    • Acoustic Telemetry
    • Life History and Reproduction
    • Imaging Technologies in the Field and Laboratory
    • Bomb Dating for Growth and Aging
    • Near Infra-Red Spectrum (NIRF) for Use in Aging of Sharks
    • Genetic Advances in Assigning Paternity and Relatedness
    • Population Biology, Conservation, and Outreach
    • Forensic Genetics in Fishery Enforcement
    • Photo Identification
    • Advances in Population Genetic Approaches and Genomics
    • Ecotoxicity
    • Citizen Science, Social Science, and Outreach
    • Citizen Science and its Application to Studies of Shark Biology
    • Social Science and its Application to Studies of Shark Biology
    • Social Networks and Networking




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