Cam-Do SolarX Solar Upgrade Kit

SolarX Solar Upgrade Kit

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The Solar Kit adds an extra 9W solar panel to give you a total of 18W of power (2 x 9W panels) when using SolarX. It comes with all necessary attachments (ball arm, socket) and wiring to get up and running in no time with your existing SolarX.

The 9W Solar Panel Kit includes a "(2Fx1M) Y-cable" that can be used to connect two solar panels to simultaneously charge a single V44 battery(included with SolarX). Alternatively, our outdoor housings can fit two V44 battery packs that can each be charged from a separate solar panel. So if one panel gets dirty or covered by shadow, the second panel will continue to work hard for your project.

What's in the box

  • 1 x 9W solar panel
  • Cabling to connect two solar panels simultaneously (2Fx1M Y-cable)
  • Ball mount
  • Ball arm

Note, the outdoor enclosure is NOT included. Please see our SolarX Pack product page.

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