AuteursJames H. Thorp & D. Christopher Rogers
    UitgeverAcademic Press
    Formaat282 x 225 x 56 (mm)
    Afbeeldingen   Kleurenfoto's en illustraties
    Jaar van uitgave  2014

    Readers familiar with the first three editions of Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates (edited by J.H. Thorp and A.P. Covich) will welcome the comprehensive revision and expansion of that trusted professional reference manual and educational textbook from a single North American tome into a developing multi-volume series covering inland water invertebrates of the world. The series entitled Thorp and Covich's Freshwater Invertebrates (edited by J.H. Thorp) begins with the current Volume I: Ecology and General Biology (edited by J.H. Thorp and D.C. Rogers), which is designed as a companion volume for the remaining books in the series. Those following volumes provide taxonomic coverage for specific zoogeographic regions of the world: Keys to Nearctic Fauna (Vol. II), Keys to Palaearctic Fauna (Vol. III), Keys to Palaearctic Fauna (Vol. IV) and Keys to Neotropical and Antarctic Fauna (Vol. V).

    Volume I maintains the ecological and general biological focus of the previous editions but now expands coverage globally in all chapters, includes more taxonomic groups (e.g., chapters on individual insect orders), and covers additional functional topics such as invasive species, economic impacts, and functional ecology. As in previous editions, the 4th edition of Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates is designed for use by professionals in universities, government agencies, and private companies as well as by undergraduate and graduate students.


    1. Introduction to Invertebrates of Inland Waters
    2. Overview of Inland Water Habitats
    3. Collection and Culturing Techniques
    4. Functional Relationships of Freshwater Invertebrates
    5. Ecology of Invasive Alien Invertebrates
    6. Economic Aspects of Freshwater Invertebrates
    7. Free-Living Protozoa
    8. Phylum Porifera
    9. Phylum Cnidaria
    10. Phylum Platyhelminthes
    11. Phylum Nemertea
    12. Phylum Gastrotricha
    13. Phylum Rotifera
    14. Phylum Nematoda
    15. Phylum Nematomorpha
    16. Phyla Ectoprocta and Entoprocta (Bryozoans)
    17. Phylum Tardigrada
    18. Introduction to Mollusca and the Class Gastropoda
    19. Class Bivalvia
    20. Introduction to Annelida and the Class Polychaeta
    21. Class Clitellata: Oligochaeta
    22. Class Clitellata: Branchiobdellida
    23. Class Clitellata: Hirudinida and Acanthobdellida
    24. Introduction to the Phylum Arthropoda
    25. Subphylum Chelicerata, Class Arachnida
    26. Subphylum Myriapoda, Class Diplopoda
    27. Introduction to “Crustacea”
    28. Class Branchiopoda
    29. Class Maxillopoda
    30. Class Ostracoda
    31. Class Malacostraca, Superorders Peracarida and Syncarida
    32. Class Malacostraca, Order Decapoda
    33. Hexapoda – Introduction to Insects and Collembola
    34. Order Ephemeroptera
    35. Order Odonata
    36. Order Plecoptera
    37. Order Hemiptera
    38. Order Trichoptera
    39. Order Coleoptera
    40. Order Diptera
    41. Minor Insect Orders




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