Animals of Sandy Shores
Animals of Sandy Shores
Animals of Sandy Shores
Animals of Sandy Shores

Animals of Sandy Shores

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Artikelnummer: 9781784270391
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Auteur Peter J. Hayward
Taal Engels
ISBN 9781784270391
Uitgever Pelagic Publishing
Pagina's 104
Formaat 14,8x21 cm
Bindwijze Paperback
Afbeeldingen zwart/wit illustraties
Jaar van uitgave   2015


The assemblage of animals living in sandy shores is richer than it might first appear, and it offers wonderful opportunities for ecological explanation without the need for expensive equipment. This book introduces the natural history of the community and provides keys that will enable readers to name the animals they find. It provides practical approaches for behavioural and ecological studies, including the survey and monitoring of populations. Local investigations of this kind form an essential basis for planning the conservation of sandy shore habitats, which are important both in their own right and as feeding grounds for birds.

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