Courtship and Mate-Finding in Insects : A Comparative Approach

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    Explore mate-finding and courtship behavior in the insect world, in all its subtlety and diversity.... Toon meer
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    AuteurRaymond J C Cannon
    UitgeverCABI Publishing
    Formaat177 x 251 x 39 mm 
    Jaar van uitgave  2023

    Insects engage in courtship as much, or as little, as any other animal; they have songs and dances, and all manner of instruments and ornaments to attract and court the opposite sex. Insects have evolved complex chemical and acoustic communication systems, sending fragrant messages, visual signals and subtle vibrations to attract and persuade. Insects also have many different ways and means of choosing or rejecting mating partners.

    This beautifully illustrated book shows the incredible variety of courtship behaviours and celebrates the wonderful natural history of a wide range of insects. Varieties of courtship can occur before, during and even after copulation, and numerous examples of the different mating strategies used are presented.

    As well as being fascinating and entertaining, studying courtship is also useful. For example, a knowledge of the courtship and mating behaviour of important pests helps researchers understand the dynamics of mate choice and sexual selection. Knowing which behaviours are directly related with mating success can be used to improve behaviour-based control strategies and improve sterile insect techniques. Knowledge of sex pheromones, and mating behaviour, can be combined to manage insect pests by mass or mating disruption.

    By studying model species - such as the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster - researchers have discovered how genes control and influence courtship behaviour, via proteins, biochemical pathways and neural circuits. This book integrates these diverse fields into a framework constructed around courtship and mate-finding, bringing together studies from the laboratory and the field.

    This landmark volume will be of interest to students of biology, entomologists, naturalists and anyone with a desire to know more about the love lives of the small creatures with which we share the planet.




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    Courtship and Mate-Finding in Insects : A Comparative Approach
    € 251,84
    Courtship and Mate-Finding in Insects : A Comparative Approach
    0 Op voorraad: 4-10 werkdagen
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