Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae

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    The first definitive book on the ecology of marine invertebrate larvae for more than 20 years.... Toon meer
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    AuteursTyler J. Carrier, Adam M. Reitzel & Andreas Heyland
    UitgeverOxford University Press
    AfbeeldingenKleurenfoto's en illustraties
    Jaar van uitgave  2017

    More than seventy percent of the earth's surface is covered by ocean - the home to a staggering and sometimes overwhelming diversity of organisms, a majority of which reside in pelagic form. Marine invertebrate larvae are an integral part of this pelagic diversity and have stimulated the curiosity of researchers for centuries. This book will provide an important, modern update on the topic of larval ecology, representing the first major synthesis of this interdisciplinary field for more than 20 years. The content will be structured around four major areas: evolutionary origins and transitions in developmental mode; functional morphology and ecology of larval forms; larval transport, settlement, and metamorphosis; climate change and larval ecology at the extremes. This novel synthesis will integrate traditional larval ecology with life history theory, evolutionary developmental biology, and modern genomics research.

    Table of Contents

    1:Origin and Diversity of Marine Larvae, Claus Nielsen
    2:Evolutionary Development of Marine Larvae, Heather Marlow
    3:Evolutionary Ecology of Parental Investment and Larval Diversity, Dustin Marshall, Justin McAlister, and Adam Retizel
    4:Evolutionary Transitions in Mode of Development, Rachel Collin and Amy Moran
    5:Asexual Reproduction of Marine Invertebrate Embryos and Larvae, Jonathan D. Allen, Adam M. Reitzel, and William Jaeckle
    6:Section 1 Summary - Evolutionary Origins and Transitions in Developmental Mode
    7:Larval Feeding: Mechanisms, Rates, and Performance in Nature, Bruno Pernet
    8:Phenotypic Plasticity of Feeding Structures in Marine Invertebrate Larvae, Justin S. McAlister and Benjamin G. Miner
    9:Physiology of Larval Feeding, William Jaeckle
    10:Section 2 Summary - Functional Morphology and Ecology of Larval Forms
    11:Larval Transport in the Coastal Zone: Biological and Physical Processes, Jesús Pineda and Nathalie Reyns
    12:Genetic Analysis of Larval Dispersal, Gene Flow, and Connectivity, Peter B. Marko and Michael W. Hart
    13:I Feel That! Fluid Dynamics and Sensory Aspects of Larval Settlement Across Scales, Jason Hodin, Matthew C. Ferner, Andreas Heyland, and Brian Gaylord
    14:Latent Effects: Surprising Consequences of Embryonic and Larval Experience on Life After Metamorphosis, Jan A. Pechenik
    15:Section 3 Summary - Larval Transport, Settlement, and Metamorphosis
    16:Ecology and Evolution of Larval Dispersal in the Deep Sea, Craig M. Young, Shawn M. Arellano, Jean-François Hamel, and Annie Mercier
    17:Larval Ecology in the Face of Changing Climate - Impacts of Ocean Warming and Ocean Acidification, Maria Byrne, Pauline M Ross, Symon A. Dworjanyn, and Laura Parker
    18:Ecotoxicology in Marine Environments: the Protective Role of ABC Transporters in Sea Urchin Embryos and Larvae, Ilaria Corsi and Luis Fernando Marques-Santos
    19:An -omics Perspective on Marine Invertebrate Larvae, Elizabeth A. Williams and Tyler J. Carrier
    20:Section 4 Summary - Larval Ecology at the Extremes
    21:Marine Invertebrate Larvae: Model Life Histories for Development, Ecology, and Evolution, Alan C. Love and Richard R. Strathmann




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    Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae
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    Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae
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