Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus

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    All known and relevant data and features to enable an identification of sharks of the genus Carcharhinus are summarised and visualised in this book.... Toon meer
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    AuteursMatthias Voigt & Dietmar Weber
    UitgeverVerlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil
    Formaat24 x 21 cm
    Afbeeldingen   58 illustraties in kleur en 1 zwart-wit
    Jaar van uitgave2011

    All known and relevant data and features to enable an identification of sharks of the genus Carcharhinus (BLAINVILLE 1816) are summarised and visualised in this book. The introduced species are difficult to separate for somebody who is not experienced in identifying sharks. An identification key is given to determine and to differentiate the species. For each species an extended list of characters is given including coloured figures to show the lateral and ventral view, a detailed view of nostril and teeth, and in some cases of juveniles and special characters. Further, data on body size and appearance, colouration, tooth formula and shape, numbers of vertebrae, on other internal and external characters, the geographical distribution, preferred habitat and food spectrum are presented. In addition, biological and reproductional data are included, e. g. number of young per litter, size at birth, size at sexual maturity, as well as behaviour and migrational patterns.


    Foreword 6
    Preface 7
    Acknowledgments 8
    Introduction 9
    Aims of this book 9
    Evolution of sharks – fossil records 9
    Taxonomic classification of sharks 10
    Short introduction to general biology and anatomy of sharks (genus Carcharhinus) 10
    Morphology 10
    Senses 12
    Teeth 12
    Buoyancy and breathing 12
    Reproduction 12
    Distribution and behaviour 12
    Sexual dimorphism 13
    Preparation of this book 13
    Materials and Methods 13
    Key to species 13
    Systematic arrangement 13
    Generic synonyms 14
    Examination of specimens 14
    Species characterisations 14
    Coloured figures of species 15
    Species synonyms 15
    Diagnostic features 15
    Dental formula and tooth morphology 16
    Colouration 17
    Size 17
    Misidentifications 17
    Geographical Distribution 17
    Habitat preference 18
    General biological issues 18
    Reproductive Biology 18
    Food spectrum 18
    Red list status 18
    Tables and Graphs 18
    Detailed photographs of dentition 18
    Measurements 19
    Technical terms 23
    Key to genera and species 31
    Key to genera 31
    Key to species of the genus Carcharhinus 32
    Species characterisations 35
    Carcharhinus acarenatus 35
    Carcharhinus acronotus 37
    Carcharhinus albimarginatus 39
    Carcharhinus altimus 41
    Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides 43
    Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos 45
    Carcharhinus amboinensis 47
    Carcharhinus borneensis 49
    Carcharhinus brachyurus 51
    Carcharhinus brevipinna 53
    Carcharhinus cautus 56
    Carcharhinus dussumieri 58
    Carcharhinus falciformis 60
    Carcharhinus fitzroyensis 62
    Carcharhinus galapagensis 64
    Carcharhinus hemiodon 66
    Carcharhinus isodon 68
    Carcharhinus leiodon 70
    Carcharhinus leucas 72
    Carcharhinus limbatus 75
    Carcharhinus longimanus 77
    Carcharhinus macloti 80
    Carcharhinus melanopterus 82
    Carcharhinus obscurus 84
    Carcharhinus perezii 87
    Carcharhinus plumbeus 89
    Carcharhinus porosus 91
    Carcharhinus sealei 93
    Carcharhinus signatus 95
    Carcharhinus sorrah 97
    Carcharhinus tilstoni 99
    Carcharhinus wheeleri 101
    Species in question 103
    Carcharhinus sp. A. 103
    Tables 104
    Graphs 113
    Detailed photographs of dentition 121
    Abbreviations 138
    Bibliography 139
    Index of Scientific and Vernacular Names 148




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    Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus
    € 40,95
    Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus
    0 Op voorraad: 4-10 werkdagen
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