Anabat Microphone Adapter for Anabat Walkabout
Anabat Microphone Adapter for Anabat Walkabout

Microphone Adapter for Anabat Walkabout

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Let op! Dit is alleen de adapter, microfoon moet u er apart bij kopen.

The Anabat Walkabout Microphone Adapter simply clips onto the front of the Walkabout in place of the cone attachment and connects to the External Microphone jack on the side of your Walkabout.

The adapter is designed to suit the Anabat stainless steel directional microphone and can also be used with any microphone that suits the SD1/2 range of detectors. It allows the microphone to be fitted directly to the front of the detector for hand-held use, or on an extension cable.

Example applications: areas with very high insect noise (such as the tropics), recording very high frequency bats (>150kHz), remote mounted microphone requirements, driving transects or simply more directional/precise targeting 

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