Odyssey Odyssey P.A.R. Wiper
Odyssey Odyssey P.A.R. Wiper

Odyssey P.A.R. Wiper

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The Odyssey® P.A.R. Wiper and mounting bracket system is designed to be used with the Odyssey® P.A.R logger or Xtreem P.A.R. Logger to keep the P.A.R. logger sensor window clean from bio-fouling. The Wiper uses a magnetic drive system so there is no moving parts passing through a water seal. The Wiper also stores the wipe count in the internal non-volatile memory along with other diagnostics, like obstructions, with a timestamp. When in range, the wiper wirelessly communicates to the Odyssey® Xtract software application (download free from Play Store) on your android phone or tablet and collects the recorded data. Settings are also transferred through by the Xtract App to the Wiper at the same time. When the Xtract application detects a network connection, it sends the data retrieved to the cloud database servers. Using any standard internet browser, connect to the Odyssey® Xpert Web portal to analyse your data.


  • Variable wipe time 10s to several days.
  • Records wipe time & date
  • Records any obstructions encountered.
  • Wireless
  • Fully submersible to 30m
  • Includes mounting bracket & clamp to fit 16mm rod.

Datasheet with technical specifications

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