Plants of China - A Companion to the Flora of China

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    AuteursDeyuan Hong, Stephen Blackmore & Wu Zheng-Yi
    UitgeverCambridge University Press
    Formaat295 x 220 x 28 (mm)
    AfbeeldingenKleurenfoto's, lijntekeningen en verspreidingskaarten
    Jaar van uitgave  2015

    The flora of China is astonishing in its diversity. With 32,500 species of vascular plants, over fifty per cent of which are endemic, it has more botanical variety than anywhere else in the world and provides unbroken connections to all its landscapes - from tropical to subtropical, temperate and boreal forests. This book tells the story of the plants of China: from the evolution of the flora through time to the survey of the bioclimatic zones, soundly based on chapters with information on climate, physical geography and soils.

    The history of botany and its study are also examined, with chapters dedicated to forestry, medicinal plants and ornamentals, with the changing flora, aliens, extinction and conservation also discussed. An essential read for years to come, The Plants of China shows that an understanding of the flora of China is crucial to interpreting plant evolution and fossil history elsewhere in the world.



    Foreword Wu Cheng-Yih (Wu Zheng-Yi) and Peter H. Raven
    List of contributors

    1. Introduction Stephen Blackmore, Hong De-Yuan, Peter H. Raven and Alexandra H. Wortley
    2. Global significance of plant diversity in China Huang Hong-Wen, Sara Oldfield and Hong Qian
    3. Physical geography Zheng Du
    4. Climate Zheng Du
    5. Soils Zheng Du
    6. Origin and development of the Chinese flora Zhou Zhe-Kun
    7. History of vegetation in China Zhou Zhe-Kun
    8. The vegetation of China today Chen Ling-Zhi
    9. Floristic elements of the Chinese flora Peng Hua and Wu Cheng-Yih (Wu Zheng-Yi)
    10. Phytogeographical regions of China Sun Hang
    11. Development of Chinese botany Peng Hua
    12. Plant exploration in China Hu Chi-Ming (Hu Qi-Ming) and Mark F. Watson
    13. History of Chinese botanical institutions Hu Zong-Gang, Ma Hai-Ying, Ma Jin-Shuang and Hong De-Yuan
    14. History of, and recent advances in, plant taxonomy Zhang Yu-Xiao and Li De-Zhu
    15. Introduction to economic plants Pei Sheng-Ji
    16. Crop plants and their wild relatives He Shan-An, Yi Ting-Shuang, Pei Sheng-Ji and Huang Hong-Wen
    17. Economic forest plants Pei Sheng-Ji, Yang Yu-Ming and Wang Juan
    18. Medicinal plants Pei Sheng-Ji and Huai Hu-Yin
    19. Ornamental plants He Shan-An and Xing Fu-Wu
    20. Major introduced economic plants Yi Ting-Shuang, Peter L. Morrell, Pei Sheng-Ji and He Shan-An
    21. Other important economic plants Pei Sheng-Ji and Hu Guang-Wan
    22. Naturalised and invasive plants in China Li Zhen-Yu, Fan Xiao-Hong and David E. Boufford
    23. The extinction crisis Huang Hong-Wen and Sara Oldfield
    24. Conservation strategies Huang Hong-Wen, Peter S. Wyse Jackson and Chen Ling-Zhi
    25. Prospects for the future Huang Hong-Wen

    Index to scientific names
    Appendix: table of Chinese dynasties




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    Plants of China - A Companion to the Flora of China
    € 106,-
    Plants of China - A Companion to the Flora of China
    1 Op voorraad: Op werkdagen voor 17:00 besteld, zelfde dag verzonden.
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