Lowell Instruments TCM-1 Inversion Kit

TCM-1 Inversion Kit

Artikelnummer: TCMINVK
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Levertijd: 1-4 weken

Inversion kit for the TCM-1 Current Meter.  Required to use the meter in an "inverted" or hanging orientation.


  • 2 x Silicon Bronze Ballast Washers
  • 1 x Silicon Bronze 5/16-18 x 1-1/4" Bolt

The TCM-1 Tilt Current Meter is typically mounted in a vertical orientation where the meter is anchored on (or near) the sea bed and the meter floats above the anchor. But for some deployments, it is advantageous to measure water velocity near the top of the water column in an inverted orientation with the meter hanging below the attachment point. You need the TCM-1 Inversion Kit for this application.

Application note written by Nick Lowell

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