AuteursEduardo de Juana & Ernest Garcia
    Formaat240 x 170 mm
    Afbeeldingen   Kleurenfoto's en verspreidingskaarten
    Jaar van uitgave  2015

    The Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe's most ornithologically varied regions offering a host of regional specialities. It includes famous birding hotspots such as the Coto Donaña wetlands, mountainous areas such as the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean cork and holm oak forests of the southwest, the migration crossroads of the Strait of Gibraltar and the steppe-like plains of Extremadura and Alentejo. Large numbers of birders from around Europe visit the region to see this wealth of winged wildlife, but to date there has been no comprehensive regional avifauna in English.

    Birds of the Iberian Peninsula is a national avifauna that fills this gap in the ornithological literature. Full-colour throughout, the book begins with authoritative introductory chapters covering subjects such as geography, climate, habitats, the history of Iberian ornithology and the composition of the avifauna. The species accounts then cover every species recorded in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra, including the many vagrants. For each species there is detailed treatment of distribution – with maps of breeding and wintering ranges – habitat selection, population trends, historical and current status, migration and conservation.



    1. Preface   4
    2. Acknowledgments   5
    3. A brief history of Iberian avifaunal studies   6
    4. Iberia: geography and climate   9
       The Iberian Peninsula and its islands   9
          The geography of mainland Iberia   10
          The Balearic Islands   12
          Other peninsular archipelagos   12
       Climate   13
          The Bioclimatic Zones. Temperature and Precipitation   13
          Climate change   15

    5. Habitats   16
       Mediterranean evergreen plant communities   16
       Eurosiberian plant communities   17
       Other natural habitats   18
       Man-made habitats   22

    6. The Iberian avifauna   25
       Breeding species   25
       Breeding birds of the Iberian climatic regions   27
       Recent changes in the Iberian breeding avifauna   27
       Wintering species   32
       Migrants and migration   34
          Migrant species   34
          Migration   34
             Seabird movements   36
             Trans-Pyrenean movements   38
             Landbird migration at the Strait of Gibraltar   38

    7. Introduction to the species accounts   40
    8.The Systematic List   51
    9. Category D species   608
    Appendices   614
       1. Category E1 species   614
       2. Breeding species of conservation concern   615
       3. Scientific names of animals and plants mentioned in the text   617
       4. List of Spanish regional bird reports   618
       5. List of Spanish and Portuguese rarity reports   620

    References   621
    Indexes   681




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