A Miscellany of Bats

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AutorenM. Brock Fenton & Jens Rydell
VerlagPelagic Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr  2023

Bats have long been the focus of fascination, and sometimes fear: they move faultlessly through the darkness and spend the day hanging upside down in gloomy caverns and cracks – most at home where humans are least comfortable. Bats also represent a hugely important, numerous and varied group, accounting for 20% of all mammal species worldwide. Covering their biodiversity, ecology and natural history, A Miscellany of Bats offers a hoard of insights into the lives of these creatures.

For over a quarter of a century Brock Fenton and the late Jens Rydell collaborated on projects involving bats. Here they bring together a collection of stories and anecdotes about bat research, brought to life by stunning photographs of these animals in action. Key topics include flight and echolocation, diet and roosting habits, and the complex social lives of bats. Jens and Brock also address issues of conservation and the interactions between bats and people, ranging from matters of disease to bats’ role as symbols, and our fixation with vampire bats. They explore how echolocation and flight shape batkind, from their appearance to where they go and why. Overall, this book is an entertaining and personal vision of bats’ central place in the universe. More than 150 species are covered.

Table of Contents


1. Introducing bats
Wings and size
Blind as a bat
Catching and identifying bats
Marking and tagging
Brock’s initiation
Jens’ start
Box: What on Earth?

2. Bat wings and flight
Wing anatomy
White wings
How fast do bats fly?
Flying antics
Box: Colour in bats

3. Seeing with sound
The perils of generalization
Basic echolocation
Why echolocate?
Echolocation and the faces of bats
Box: Beam control and bite power

4. Echolocation: a window onto bat behaviour
Biologists as eavesdroppers on bats
Insect prey
Bat communication
Air traffic control
Box: Echolocation and foraging

5. What bats eat, part 1
Learning how much a bat consumes
Some bats eat birds
What insects do bats eat?
Specialized hunting
Box: Diets of bats

6. What bats eat, part 2
Fruit-eating species
Bats and flowers
Box: The curious case of bananas

7. Vampire bats

8. Where bats occur and where they roost
Bat roosts
Box: Patterning in bats
Lingering challenges
Bats up north
Box: Bat boxes

9. Social lives of bats
What is a colony of bats?
Food availability and social patterns
Box: Observational learning

10. How bats use space
Box: Bats get around

11. Threats to bats
Wind turbines
Light pollution
A world without bats?
Global change
Box: Keeping bats away

12. Bats and people
Attitudes towards bats
Bats and disease
Bats as symbols

13. Bats as beings
A last word to the bats

Cast of bats




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A Miscellany of Bats
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A Miscellany of Bats
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