Dodotronic USB Ultrasound Microphone 200/250 kHz

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The first fully digital ultrasonic USB microphone. 

USB connector

Ultramic200K & Ultramic250K are ultrasound microphones with integrated digital to analog converter with 200 kHz & 250 kHz sampling rate. The USB Full speed port 2.0 allow an easy connection to any PC or Mac computer; the device is recognized as an HID (human interface device) microphone so no driver installation is required!
It appear as a single channel audio input device; however if recording in stereo the two channels will appear identical. 

To connect the Dodotronic Ultramix 200 or 250 kHz to your Android device you need to use the USB Mini OTG Adapter with a USB C - USB A cable.

To connect the Dodotronic Ultramix 200 or 250 kHz to your iOS device you need to use the USB Mini OTG Adapter with a Lightning to USB cable for Apple.


The MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) microphone is very sensitive with a good signal/noise ratio and small form factor. An integrated low pass 8TH order filter is provided in order to reduce aliasing artifacts. 

Frequency response of MEMS sensor



Operating systemULTRAMIC200KULTRAMIC250K
Windows VistaOKOK
Windows 7OKOK
Linux UbuntuOKOK
Linux DebianOKOK
Linux AndroidOK *OK *

* Consideration on Android OS:

  • running on tablet with USB Host!!
  • not all tablet tested

please visit the Android section


  • 200 K sampling per second. ULTRAMIC200K.
  • 250 K sampling per second. ULTRAMIC250K.
  • True 16 bits resolution.
  • Frequency range up to 100 KHz - 125 KHz.
  • MEMS high sensistivity Surface Mount Wide-band Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor.
  • High quality and low noise analog amplification.
  • USB device full speed port with a mini B USB connector.
  • 32 bit 80 MHz integrated microcontroller.
  • Dimentions: 130 mm lenght x 20 mm diameter.
  • 8th order antialiasing low pass filter.


Connect it to your computer and it will be immediately recognized as a new audio input.
In your preferred sound recording software simply select the new audio input and choose the sampling frequency (only the 200KHz or 250KHzoption should be visible). 


Ultramic can be easily opened acting on the back screw. Close to the microphone there are two switch that can be turned on and off with a nail, no tool needed, in order to change amplification between three hardware levels. 


The ultramic can be used by scientific researchers for:

  • Environmental impact assessment for wind farms.
  • Detection and recording of biological ultrasounds for bioacoustic studies on insects, rodents and bats.
  • Recording and analyzing mouse ultrasonic vocalizations for pharmacological studies.
  • Detection of the high-frequency noises emitted by switching power supply, by LCD screens, and also by the turbines of car and truck engines. 

In your house or in your office, discover the ultrasonic noise emitted by your TV, your computers, and by the power adapters of all your electronic devices. 
Outside, use the UltraMic to record the ultrasonic signals bats emit to echolocate and discover the ultrasonic cries of small rodents. 
Bats are a very important component of our ecosystems, they are protected since 1930 and recent studies demonstrate that they are important to keep down the population of insects and mosquitos.

The ultramic has been developed with the scientific support of CIBRA / University of Pavia. 

User guide



  • Soundchaser
  • SeaWave & SeaPro: SEA was developed to have real-time sound analysis capabilities on a Windows PC and it's well suited to be used in conjunction with Ultramic200k and Ultramic250K.
    Mainly developed for bioacoustic studies, this software can be used for a wide range of applications requiring real-time display of sounds and vibrations.
    It allows to display in real-time the spectrographic features of sounds acquired by any sound device compatible with Windows, including Windows 7 64bit. It also allows to record, play and analyze standard 16 bit .wav files, either stereo or mono. SEA is available in two versions: SeaPro, commercial version for professional use, and SeaWave, free. 
    The use of SeeWave is free of charge for personal non commercial and non professional use.
    The latest versions of SEA software are available here: 
    SeaWave & SeaPro
  • Audacity





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Dodotronic USB Ultrasound Microphone 200/250 kHz
€ 319,-
Dodotronic USB Ultrasound Microphone 200/250 kHz
Frequentie: 250kHz
5 Auf Lager: An Werktagen vor 17:00 Uhr bestellt, noch am selben Tag versendet.
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