Finding Birds in Corsica

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Finding Birds in Corsica provides the most useful maps - so you can easily find your way to the best bits of wetland, mountain or woodland.... Mehr anzeigen
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SerieGosney's Finding Birds Series
AutorDave Gosney
Größe15 x 21 cm
Bilder   Karten
Erscheinungsjahr  2022

Every birder wants to go to Corsica to see Corsican Nuthatch but it is also the best place to see Marmora’s Warbler, Moltoni’s Warbler and Corsican Finch. Other special birds there include Lammergeier, Audouin’s Gull, Yelkouan Shearwater and California Quail. And did you know that it’s also probably the easiest place in western Europe to see Pallid Harrier!

Compared to other publications covering the same area, this one:

  • Provides the most useful maps - so you can easily find your way to the best bits of wetland, mountain or woodland
  • Includes GPS co-ordinates to help you find the right turnings, parking spaces or viewing points
  • Highlights the best areas only - and summarises the key attraction in the first paragraph so you can easily decide whether to read on or bother to visit the site
  • Has a map on the inside cover which serves as an index so you can easily find any site in the book
  • Is light and portable (and cheap)
  • Is updated in the free update pages on Gosney's website, giving details of what other birders have found at these sites

Dave Gosney writes:

"When I arrived in Corsica in April 2022 I quickly realised that most of what I thought I knew about its birds was wrong. Published ‘sites‘ for some species turned out to be quite useless and other species that I thought would be easy to find are actually rather scarce and difficult. Some have pretty much gone completely. So, my book will give you a much more accurate idea of just how likely you are to find each bird. Including passage birds, I notched up lots of species that are rarely mentioned in the trip reports of others, including Great Bittern, Little Bittern, Night Heron, Black Kite, Booted Eagle, Red-footed Falcon, Lesser Kestrel, Temminck’s Stint, Pomarine Skua, Mediterranean Gull, Barn Owl, Roller, Red-rumped Swallow, Red-throated Pipit, Bluethroat, Sedge, Great Reed, Icterine, Garden, Bonelli’s and Wood Warblers, Collared Flycatcher and Rock Sparrow. Of course the book tells you where I found all those species as well as giving key information on the best places to find the special breeding birds mentioned above."




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Finding Birds in Corsica
€ 11,95
Finding Birds in Corsica
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