Hi-Sound DR Parabool Microfoon - 3.5 Jack of XLR

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    Hi-Sound DR Parabool Microfoon bestaande uit twee losse delen voor uitzonderlijk scherpe opnames i.c.m. uw audiorecorder.... Toon meer
    2 variaties Met 3.5 Jack Microfoon
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    Dodotronic Hi-Sound DR is a stereo parabolic microphone which comes from many years of studies and prototyping in order to provide the best solution without compromise in terms of portability, high quality and low noise.
    For stereo parabolic microphones the primary reflective area of the disc is located at the sides with the top and the bottom giving a smaller reflection to the sensor. This is the reason behind the ∞ shape of this new parabolic microphone.
    The stereo effect is greatly increased by the septum that splits the two halves with two different focuses placed at the center of the sensors.
    This parabolic microphone is designed to be almost invisible; the primary material is polycarbonate which gives the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and transparency.
    The handle is composed of aluminum which improves overall mechanical strength and decreases the weight.


    One of the unique standout features of this device is the possibility to remove the two wings so they can be stacked together for easy transportation, placed within a custom bag. This makes it possible for users to travel abroad with the device, or simply condense it to a smaller size to bring it to difficult-to-access locations.

    The Hi-sound DR parabolic microphone includes all the components: handle, microphone and disc, you only need a compatible recorder. We recommend the Tascam DR-05x or DR-07x for the mini jack option and the Tascam DR-40x for the XLR option.

    Outer diameter: 70 cm
    Focus depth: 13 mm
    Total weight:  1080 g
    Material: Polycarbonate

    Audio frequency range: 70Hz – 20kHz


    4 x AOM-5024 two for each channel from PUI Audio

    All the sensors are tested and matched with a tolerance of ±0,25dB 

    Self noise: only 14dB

    Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm golden plated or standard mono XLR (please choose when ordering)

    PIP plug in power supply required for jack connector or phantom supply for the XLR.


    HS-DR (Jack)


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    Hi-Sound DR Parabool Microfoon - 3.5 Jack of XLR
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    Hi-Sound DR Parabool Microfoon - 3.5 Jack of XLR
    Met 3.5 Jack Microfoon
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