Telinga Modular Parabolic Kit

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    De Telinga Modular Kit bevat de Telinga opvouwbare schotel, Rycote wind jammer, mono en stereoschuim en handvat.... Toon meer
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    The Telinga Modular is a brand new concept offering your own microphones or sensors to be used in the 22" Telinga foldable professional dish, also in PZM stereo configurations. Thanks to Rycote U.K the wind protection is highly improved over the original Telinga Universal foldable dish. The Telinga Modular Parabolic Kit is very suitable for nocmig (nocturnal bird migration) recording.

    The included Rycote Telinga OEM basket comes with 2 pieces of Telinga foam cartridges:

    • Mono Foam Cartridge for your mono pencile style mics (both omni and cardioids*)
    • Stereo Foam Cartridge for PZM stereo arrangements (with your smaller omni mics, electret capsules or sensors**)

    The stereo foam is based on the same Telinga tradition of having a plate separating the two sides (2 channels) inside the dish for a stereo background while the focus of the dish will affect them equally. This concept is now accomplished inside the Rycote Telinga basket - allowing immediate changes of your configuration as soon as new capsules or sensors are available on the market!


    • Foldable parabolic dish 22"
    • OEM basket
    • 2 Telinga foam cartridges for mono and stereo recording
    • Handle
    • Rycote windjammer

    For more information please refer to the Product Manual of the Telinga Modular (PDF, see below)

    Veldshop.nl offers the Clippy XLR EM272 Mono Microphone and Clippy EM272 Mono Microphone. Both microphones are well suited to be used with the Telinga Modular Kit and mono foam.

    Veldshop.nl also offers the Clippy XLR EM272 Stereo Microphone and Clippy EM272 Stereo Microphone to be used with the stereo foam, of course in combination with the Telinga Modular Kit.

    All kinds of Primo electrets (for DIY multichannel PZM arrangements inside the stereo foam) and for instance Schoeps microphones can be used with the Telinga Modular.

    * The mono foam can be used with most pencile style mics omnis having a diameter not exceeding 22mm & for all models facing the dish not longer then 80 mm. Longer models of mics may also be possible to use facing the dish without the Rycote Telinga basket front cap attached.

    ** The stereo foam allows smaller omni mics, electret capsule arrangements or sensors with diameter/length not greater then 25mm, excl. cabling.

    Please note the Telinga Modular does not include Tripod Stand or Tripod Mount.

    Product Manual Telinga Modular


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    Telinga Modular Parabolic Kit
    € 999,-
    Telinga Modular Parabolic Kit
    Telinga Modular Kit
    2 Op voorraad: Op werkdagen voor 17:00 besteld, zelfde dag verzonden.
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