Spitsbergen - Svalbard - A Complete Guide Around the Arctic Archipelago

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    Nature and History | Places and Regions | Useful Information.
    The new, updated 5th edition.... Toon meer
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    AuteurRolf Stange
    UitgeverRolf Stange
    Formaat14.80 x 21.10 cm
    AfbeeldingenKleurenfoto's, kaarten en QR-codes
    Jaar van uitgave   5e druk 2023

    This new edition (the 5th, from February 2023) has got 608 pages. All chapters have got a lot of updates and new information. All maps have been improved and come in colour print now. Also the colour photos have been updated and they are now not organised in separate sections anymore, but all photos are located in the the text, exactly where it makes most sense.

    This book does not only cover comprehensive information concerning all fields of possible interest, but is at the same time a photo book containing many colour images to illustrate many wildlife and flower species and to document landscapes and places from all over the archipelago.

    "Spitsbergen – Svalbard" has detailed information about the flora and fauna of Spitsbergen, its nature and human history and detailed chapters about all regions, fjords, islands and settlements. 14 mammal species, 26 bird species and 29 flower species are described in detail and illustrated with colour photographs. Many sketch maps within the text provide geographical orientation. Furthermore, this books will answer questions concerning practical issues, how to travel in Spitsbergen, which seasons are good, relevant legislation, hazards out in the field and more.

    Popular routes (hiking, snow mobile tours, cruises) are described in detail.

    "Spitsbergen – Svalbard" has approximately 608 pages (A5, paperback) including more than 260 colour photographs to document the biological and geographical diversity of Spitsbergen.

    Table of contents (abbreviated version.

    1. Preface
    2. Introduction 
    3. Travelling in Svalbard: Useful, practical and important information
    3.1 Seasons
    3.2 How to travel
    3.3 Tour operators 
    3.4 Clothing, hygiene & the environment, photography 
    3.5 Getting to Spitsbergen 
    3.6 Conservation, cultural heritage, protected areas, safety 
    3.7 Longyearbyen 
    3.7.7 From coal to space research: Longyearbyen through 100 years

    4. Natural history 
    4.1 Geology 
    4.2 Geography, glaciers, permafrost 
    4.3 Oceanic currents 
    4.4 Sea ice 
    4.5 Driftwood, plastic pollution and environmental toxins 
    4.6 Climate and weather 

    4.7 Mammals
    4.8 Birds 
    4.9 Plants

    5. History
    5.1 Vikings 
    5.2 Pomors 
    5.3 Willem Barentsz 
    5.4 Whaling in the 17th century 
    5.5 Early expeditions and science 
    5.6 Attempts to fly to the Pole: Virgohamna and Ny-Ålesund 
    5.7 Trappers 
    5.8 Whaling in the early 20th century 
    5.9 The Spitsbergen Treaty 
    5.10 Mining 5.11 The Second World War 
    5.12 Spitsbergen after the war

    6. Fjords and islands, settlements and stations: The regions of Svalbard 
    6.1 Isfjord
    6.2 Forlandsund east side
    6.3 Prins Karls Forland 
    6.4 Kongsfjord 
    6.5 Krossfjord 
    6.6 The northern west coast
    6.7 Northwestern Spitsbergen 
    6.8 Raudfjord 
    6.9 The Woodfjord area 
    6.10 Moffen 
    6.11 Wijdefjord 
    6.12 Ny-Friesland, Verlegenhuken
    6.13 Sorgfjord 
    6.14 Hinlopenstretet 
    6.15 Nordaustland 
    6.16 Storøya, Kvitøya 
    6.17 Kong Karls Land 
    6.18 Spitsbergen's east coast, Storfjord 
    6.19 Barentsøya 
    6.20 Edgeøya 
    6.21 Tusenøyane, Halvmåneøya, Ryke Yseøyane 
    6.22 Hopen 
    6.23 Bjørnøya
    6.24 Sørkapp Land 
    6.25 Hornsund
    6.26 Hyttevika, Dunøyane, Isøyane, Kapp Borthen 
    6.27 Bellsund 
    7. Arctic environmental problems 




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    Spitsbergen - Svalbard - A Complete Guide Around the Arctic Archipelago
    € 30,-
    Spitsbergen - Svalbard - A Complete Guide Around the Arctic Archipelago
    4 Op voorraad: Op werkdagen voor 17:00 besteld, zelfde dag verzonden.
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