Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic Microphone Kit

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    Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic Kit with clear dish and 3 available microphone choices.... Toon meer
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    The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic is a great way to quickly boost the range of microphones to capture more distant subjects. The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic is the lightest, smallest, lowest cost parabolic kit we offer at Veldshop.nl. The small size, light weight, and wider polar angle make it perfect for many field recording applications, such as nature recording, interviews, news gathering, and more. It is so light that you can even mount it directly on a camera hotshoe. This 11.5 inch parabolic kit will roughly increase the range of your standard microphone by 5 times. Just add your own microphone, like a Clippy, or use one of the Wildtronics Micro Mic PIP, Micro Mic XLR, or Mini Stereo PIP microphones for a complete mini parabolic microphone. 

    The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic will transform an omnidirectional, or properly prepared cardioid, microphone into a shotgun-like microphone, but with better isolation and range. Thanks to Wildtronics' expertise in parabolic microphone physics, they critically designed the Pro Mini Parabolic reflector for the best sound and range possible from a small parabolic system. The Pro Mini Parabolic is small and light enough to fit in your equipment case, on a camera hotshoe mount, and can eliminate the need to buy an expensive shotgun microphone. Using two Pro Mini Parabolics, in a stereo configuration, finally makes stereo parabolic systems functional and very practical. 

    The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic has professional features, and a low cost for those on a budget. The super lightweight construction fits most cylindrical, omnidirectional microphones. We recommend using omni directional microphones for best results, but you can use cardioid microphones if you use the included seal to cover the vents on the side of the microphone. The kit comes with adapters to fit 19-26mm diameter microphones. Also included is a lavalier microphone adapter– however, lavalier mics are not recommended for low noise applications. A machined nylon hub and handle are used for lifetime durability. With the smaller 11.5 inch size and fewer parts, come considerable cost and weight savings.

    Parabolic reflectors provide gain and directivity, so you can reach subjects that are outside the range of other microphones, including shotgun microphones. Normally, small parabolic systems have very poor low frequency response and an overly peaked high frequency response, causing poor performance with human voice. Wildtronics custom designed the curvature, size, and focal point of the parabola, plus pointed the microphone outward to minimize low frequency loss, resulting in great sound. Without the loss of low frequency energy, even voice recordings sound surprisingly well. The highly accurate paraboloid and construction assure a precise focus for maximum gain. The parabolic reflector is permanently attached, but may be removed, with tools, if service or change of reflectors are needed.

    The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic is ultra lightweight at just under 200 grams. You can barely tell you are holding it in your hand. It is also small and light enough to mount on a camera hotshoe with an available Hot Shoe Adapter with/without a swivel joint. The handle base has metal 1/4-20 threads for tripod or hotshoe mounting. The accessory mount provision will allow the mounting of the Mini Accessory Bar directly to the handle. The Mini-Accessory Bar can hold a small, hand-held recorder for quick easy use with just one short cable to your microphone.

    Stereo parabolic microphones are often a useful concept, but have traditionally only worked for very limited conditions, since they have fixed narrow angles. Due to its small size, lightweight, and wider polar angle, two separate Pro Mini Parabolics now make true parabolic stereo recording practical. You can point the two parabolic reflectors independently at two specific subjects for a left and right image, or just turn the dishes 10-60 degrees apart for general stereo use. You can also point both Pro Minis at a single subject to further boost the gain.

    The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic Kit is very suitable for nocmig or nocturnal bird migration recording, also known as NHC (night flight call).

    Some of the Wildtronics Performance Series Microphones fit perfectly into the Pro Mini Parabolic with a preset focus point. Currently the Micro Mic XLR, Micro-Mic PIP, and Mini Stereo PIP are available at our webshop.

    • The Wildtronics Micro-Mic PIP is available for those who need a good, inexpensive, low noise, microphone powered by Plug-in-Power recorders.
    • The Wildtronics Micro Mic XLR is a very good performing, low noise, fully balanced output XLR microphone powered by 48Volt phantom power.
    • The Wildtronics Mini Stereo PIP microphone is a stereo microphone powered by plug-in-powered recorders.

    The Wildtronics family of microphones were developed by Bruce Rutkoski, who has professionally recorded nature sounds for over 20 years and originated new recording techniques, in addition to an electronic and mechanical engineering background.

    Specifications Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic Kit

    Approximate Polar Angle Response: 40 degrees.

    Dish gain: 0dB @ 400hz then +6dB/octave

    Diameter of Parabolic Reflector: 11.5 inches with a 0.5 inch flange 

    Weight without microphone: 7 oz (195 grams)

    Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.75 x 4 inches (29.21 cm x 29.85 cm x  10.16 cm)

    Maximum storage temperature: 93 degrees C

    Made in the USA, RoHS lead free, with CE conformity.




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    5 from 5
    Deze parabool 2 jaar geleden zelf uit Amerika gehaald voor het gebruik bij verstoringsonderzoek aan veldleeuweriken. Inmiddels dus al enige ervaring, en wat een super product. Kwalitatief zeer goed en door het formaat altijd makkelijk mee te nemen. Absolute aanrader!
    Gepost door: Floris op 30 December 2021

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