A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica
A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica
A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica
A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica
A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica

A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica

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Artikelnummer: 9780195188257
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Auteurs Margaret B. Gargiullo, Barbara Magnuson & Larry Kimball
Taal Engels
ISBN 9780195188257
Uitgever Oxford University Press
Pagina's 512
Formaat 234x156mm
Bindwijze Softcover
Afbeeldingen Full colour
Jaar van uitgave   2008

At the biological crossroads of the Americas, Costa Rica hosts one of the widest varieties of plants in the world, with habitats ranging from tidal mangrove swamps, and lowland rainforests, to dry tropical evergreen and deciduous forests.

Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica provides a thorough survey of more than 850 plant species, each entry accompanied by color photos and a concise yet detailed narrative description. Plants are conveniently grouped by the different types of vegetation: palms, tall trees, shrubs, woody vines, herbaceous vines, herbs, grasses and ferns.

Along with 1400 color photographs, the guide also includes an illustrated glossary of plant parts, five maps of Costa Rica, and laminated covers for durability in the field. With so much readily accessible information, this book is essential for exploring Costa Rica's common and conspicuous flora from the plants growing along the roadside to the best natural parks.

  • 856 plants represent 169 plant families identifies to the species level
  • 1.395 color photos illustrate each species with flower, fruit, foliage or habit
  • Five maps of Costa Rica, Central Americaand South America orient users to various habitats
  • Geographical ranges note where each plant can be found both inside and outside of Costa Rica
  • Chapter titles act as a simple key to plant habits to make plant identification easier
  • Plant family names and ecological terms enrich the index of scientific and common species name
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