Great White Shark - Myth and Reality
Great White Shark - Myth and Reality
Great White Shark - Myth and Reality
Great White Shark - Myth and Reality

Great White Shark - Myth and Reality

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Auteur Alexandrine Civard-Racinais
Taal Engels
ISBN 9781770859531
Uitgever Firefly Books
Pagina's 144
Afmetingen 191 x 244 x 13 mm
Bindwijze Paperback
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Jaar van uitgave  2017

Great White Shark covers all aspects of this great but sadly misunderstood ocean predator. There are three sections: Portrait of the Great White; Searching for the Great White; and Requiem for the Great White? Together they describe shark biology and behaviour (some of it previously unknown, such as hunting in groups) and describe how researchers and conservationists study and protect sharks.

The last section considers the plight of the shark and paints an accurate portrait of this remarkable creature. It also surveys the deadly dangers faced by great white sharks, such as finning and ocean garbage. More than 100 dramatic photographs of sharks fill the book.

Topics include:

  • The role of the great white shark in marine ecosystems
  • Complete survey of great white shark biology and behaviour
  • Great white shark attacks
  • Identifying and tagging sharks
  • Shark protection around the world
  • Range map and essential facts
  • Protection legislation
  • Further reading for adults and children, films and internet sites.

    Four experts – underwater photographer Frédéric Buyle, oceanographer Catherine Vadon, marine zoologist Michael Scholl, and marine biologist Bernard Séret – reflect on the future of the species now living on borrowed time. Great White Shark is an exciting new chapter in shark research.



Worldwide Distribution of the Great White Shark
Identification Criteria

Portrait of the Great White

    Efficient Camouflage
    A Cartilaginous Skeleton
    A Body Designed for Speed
    A Warm-Blooded Fish?
    Non Fluctuat Nec Margitur: It Does Not Float Nor Does It Sink
    Great White, What Big Teeth you Have!
    Sophisticated Sensory Organs
    A Fish That Doesn't Lay Eggs
    10 Misconceptions About The Great White Shark
    Catherine Vadon's Perspective

Search For The Great White

    Port Lincoln, Doorway To Adventure
    Portrait of Rodney Fox
    A Species and Individuals
    The Photograph: An Identification Tool
    Tagging Is Not A Game
    Two Types of Radio Transmitter
    A Fish Named . . . Jammie
    Nicole's Odyssey

Requiem For The Great White?

    Great White Attacks: From Myth To Reality
    Frédéric Buyle's Perspective
    Man -- The Great White's Predator
    Putting An End To Finning
    Strappy: Victim of Human Activity
    Bernard Séret's Perspective
    Ecotourism: Is It Saving The Great White?
    Michael Scholl's Perspective

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