Herpetology - An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles

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    The fourth edition of the textbook Herpetology covers the basic biology of amphibians and reptiles.... Toon meer
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    AuteursLaurie J. Vitt & Janalee P. Caldwell
    UitgeverAcademic Press
    Afbeeldingen   Foto's, Illustraties en verspreidingskaarten
    Jaar van uitgave  2013

    The fourth edition of the textbook Herpetology covers the basic biology of amphibians and reptiles, with updates in nearly every conceptual area. Not only does it serve as a solid foundation for modern herpetology courses, but it is also relevant to courses in ecology, behavior, evolution, systematics, and morphology.

    Examples taken from amphibians and reptiles throughout the world make this book a useful herpetology textbook in several countries. Naturalists, amateur herpetologists, herpetoculturists, zoo professionals, and many others will find this book readable and full of relevant natural history and distributional information.

    Amphibians and reptiles have assumed a central role in research because of the diversity of ecological, physiological, morphological, behavioral, and evolutionary patterns they exhibit. This fully revised edition brings the latest research to the reader, ranging over topics in evolution, reproduction, behavior and more, allowing students and professionals to keep current with a quickly moving field.


    • Heavily revised and updated with discussion of squamate (lizard and snake) taxonomy and new content reflected in current literature
    • Includes increased focus on conservation biology in herpetology while retaining solid content on organismal biology of reptiles and amphibians
    • Presents new photos included from authors' extensive library

    Advanced undergraduate/graduate students studying biology, wildlife and organismal biology and taking courses in herpetology; amphibian and reptile biologists, ecologists and conservation and evolutionary biologists, paleontologists



    Part I. Evolutionary History
    1. Tetrapod Relationships and Evolutionary Systematics
    2. Anatomy of Amphibians and Reptiles
    3. Evolution of Ancient and Modern Amphibians and Reptiles

    Part II. Reproduction and Reproductive Modes
    4. Reproduction and Life Histories
    5. Reproductive Modes

    Part III. Physiological Ecology
    6. Water Balance and Gas Exchange
    7. Thermoregulation, Performance, and Energetics

    Part IV. Behavioral Ecology
    8. Spacing, Movements, and Orientation
    9. Communication and Social Behavior
    10. Foraging Ecology and Diets
    11. Defense and Escape

    Part V. Ecology, Biogeography, and Conservation Biology
    12. Ecology
    13. Biogeography and Phylogeography
    14. Conservation Biology

    Part VI. Classification and Diversity of Amphibians
    15. Caecilians
    16. Salamanders
    17. Frogs

    Part VII. Classification and Diversity of Reptiles
    18. Turtles
    19. Crocodylians
    20. Sphenodontidans
    21. Squamates (Snakes and Lizards)

    Part VIII. Data Sources
    Taxonomic Index
    Subject Index




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    Herpetology - An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles
    € 106,24
    Herpetology - An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles
    1 Op voorraad: Op werkdagen voor 17:00 besteld, zelfde dag verzonden.
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