Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit with Feather Light 7.5 mm Dish

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    Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit with clear dish and 3 available microphone choices.... Toon meer
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    The All Purpose Parabolic Microphone includes everything you need to securely mount almost any existing microphone, even some stereo microphones, pointing either towards or away from the dish. You may use many of your favorite pencil style, instrument microphones from your favorite top brand. Most microphones will fit into the All Purpose Kit, as long as they are 18-26mm in diameter, and 50-188mm (best if under 155mm) in length. Adapter sleeves are included to fit the above diameter range. If you don't have a high quality microphone, the high value, Wildtronics Performance Series Microphones Micro Mic XLR, Micro Mic PIP, and Stereo PIP are all low noise and exclusively designed for use in the All Purpose line. The exclusive Focus Gauge system allows you to quickly obtain exact focus with either microphone configuration. The exact focus is conveniently marked on the Mic Tube for easy, repeatable calibration or any amount of de-focus. Routing passages are also provided for either configuration, using your standard mic cable. The handle is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and has low handling noise. Metal ¼ -20 threads are built right into the handle base for solid tripod mounting. The All Purpose Parabolic Microphone comes with a 0.030 inch thick (7.5 mm) feather light clear polycarbonate dish. The dish is easily removed or securely installed with a large resilient clamp.  All critical components are machined from high strength, high temperature nylon and ABS plastic for a lifetime of use and abuse, not the cheap PVC parts other similar products are using.

    The All Purpose Parabolic Kit is an improved modular design based on conventional construction. You can use almost any existing microphone, using common cables, and add options and better microphones at any time. The entire microphone assembles and disassembles quickly and easily into a few major parts making it easy to transport.

    We offer microphones that can be used with the All Purpose Parabolic Microphone: Micro Mic XLR, Micro-Mic PIP and Stereo PIP Microphones. 

    • The Wildtronics Micro-Mic PIP is available for those who need a good, inexpensive, low noise, microphone. You can also use these microphones by themselves, outside of the dish, as general omni-directional microphones. You can use either microphone pointing towards or away from the dish. The Micro-Mic PIP requires a recorder that has a 3.5mm input with 2-5 volt PIP, or Plug-in Power. The Micro-Mic PIP is less than 2 inches long, weighs less than 1oz, has a good 14dBA noise floor, has a built-in windscreen, and is ready to pop into the central Mic Tube. The mic has a machined aluminum construction, is fully shielded, and has a gold plated, Neutrik 3.5mm stereo jack. The left channel is connected to the mic, and the unused right channel is grounded. A 6-foot 3.5mm cable is included that can store right inside the Mic Tube, and be pulled out as needed to connect to a handle or waist mounted recorder.
    • The Micro Mic XLR Microphone is a small XLR based microphone that has high sensitivity and a low noise floor of 14dBA.
    • A Stereo PIP Mic is available for those who also want to utilize the interesting concept of in-dish stereo. This stereo system utilizes two microphone elements to produce a dual beam pickup pattern, with a beam separation of about 10 feet per 100 feet of distance. Since the microphones are separated by a critical fixed distance, two divergent beams are formed by the parabolic reflector. This is analogous to a high/low automotive headlight system, where a small distance between the two filaments forms the high and low beams. When pointed at a distant location, higher frequencies are separated into a left and right stereo image. Note, this is not the wide-angle background stereo system used in the Wildtronics Professional Mono-Stereo model. The Stereo PIP Microphone is also PIP powered, and gives the stereo effect of in-dish stereo. The Stereo PIP Microphone mounts directly into the hub without the Mic Tube, and has a gold plated Neutrik 3.5mm connector on the back, allowing you to use any common 3.5mm cable. The noise floor of the Stereo PIP is 14dBA. The Stereo PIP is also fully shielded from EMI/RF using a machined metal core. Since these are low noise mics, your recorder should have at least a -120dBA EIN for best performance.

    Specifications Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit

    Approximate Polar Angle Response: 25 degrees.

    Approximate dish gain: 0dB @ 200hz then +6dB/octave

    Diameter of Parabolic Reflector: 22 inches with a 0.75 inch flange

    Weight without microphone - 0.030 Feather Light Dish: 800 gram

    Dimensions: 55.88 cm x 55.88 cm x 22.86 cm

    Maximum storage temperature: 93 degrees C

    Made in the USA, RoHS lead free, with CE conformity.



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    Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit with Feather Light 7.5 mm Dish
    € 685,-
    Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit with Feather Light 7.5 mm Dish
    Met Micro Mic PIP Microfoon
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