Fishes of the Salish Sea: Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca (3-Volume Set)

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Fishes of the Salish Sea is the definitive guide to the identification and history of the marine and anadromous fishes of Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca.... Mehr anzeigen
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AutorenTheodore Wells Pietsch & James Wilder Orr
VerlagUniversity of Washington Press
Größe276 x 252 x 95 mm
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Fishes of the Salish Sea is the definitive guide to the identification and history of the marine and anadromous fishes of Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca. This comprehensive three-volume set, featuring striking illustrations of the Salish Sea’s 260 fish species by noted illustrator Joseph Tomelleri, details the ecology and life history of each species and recounts the region’s rich heritage of marine research and exploration.

Beginning with jawless hagfishes and lampreys and ending with the distinctive Ocean Sunfish, leading scientists Theodore Wells Pietsch and James Orr present the taxa in phylogenetic order, based on classifications that reflect the most current scientific knowledge. Illustrated taxonomic keys facilitate fast and accurate species identification. These in-depth, thoroughly documented, and yet accessible volumes will prove invaluable to marine biologists and ecologists, natural resource managers, anglers, divers, students, and all who want to learn about, marvel over, and preserve the vibrant diversity of Salish Sea marine life.

  • Comprehensive accounts of 260 fish species
  • Brilliant color plates of all treated species
  • Illustrated taxonomic keys for easy species identification
  • In-depth history of Salish Sea research and exploration


Volume One
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction 3
What Is the Salish Sea? 3
What Fishes Are Included? 6
The Names of Fishes 7
Taxonomic Accounts 8
Anatomical Considerations 9
Use of the Keys 9
About the Illustrations 10
Historical Perspective 12
Origins and Present Distribution of the Salish Sea Ichthyofauna 44
Pictorial Keys to the Families of Salish Sea Fishes 62
A Classification of Salish Sea Fishes 77
Describers of Salish Sea Fishes 84
Glossary 103
References 111
Index of Biographical Names 195
Index of Scientific and Common Names 199

Volume Two
Family and Species Accounts
Myxinidae, Hagfishes 217
Petromyzontidae, Lampreys 220
Chimaeridae, Chimaeras 225
Alopiidae, Thresher Sharks 228
Cetorhinidae, Basking Sharks 231
Lamnidae, Mackerel Sharks 234
Scyliorhinidae, Cat Sharks 237
Triakidae, Hound Sharks 240
Carcharhinidae, Requiem Sharks 243
Hexanchidae, Cow Sharks 246
Somniosidae, Sleeper Sharks 251
Squalidae, Dogfish Sharks 254
Squatinidae, Angel Sharks 257
Torpedinidae, Electric Rays 260
Rajidae, Skates 263
Acipenseridae, Sturgeons 275
Nemichthyidae, Snipe Eels 280
Engraulidae, Anchovies 283
Clupeidae, Herrings and Sardines 285
Cyprinidae, Carps 293
Bathylagidae, Deepsea Smelts 296
Osmeridae, Smelts 299
Salmonidae, Salmon and Trouts 312
Sternoptychidae, Marine Hatchetfishes 334
Stomiidae, Dragonfishes 338
Synodontidae, Lizardfishes 341
Alepisauridae, Lancetfishes 344
Paralepididae, Barracudinas 348
Myctophidae, Lanternfishes 351
Lampridae, Opahs 366
Trachipteridae, Ribbonfishes 369
Merlucciidae, Hakes 372
Gadidae, Cods 376
Atherinopsidae, New World Silversides 384
Scomberesocidae, Sauries 388
Cyprinodontidae, Pupfishes 391
Aulorhynchidae, Tubesnouts 394
Gasterosteidae, Sticklebacks 397
Syngnathidae, Pipefishes 401
Scorpaenidae, Rockfishes and Thornyheads 404
Moronidae, Temperate Basses 468
Bramidae, Pomfrets 471
Sciaenidae, Drums and Croakers 475
Sphyraenidae, Barracudas 483
Carangidae, Jacks 485
Embiotocidae, Surfperches 489
Trichodontidae, Sandfishes 505
Ammodytidae, Sand Lances 508
Gobiidae, Gobies 511
Trichiuridae, Cutlassfishes 519
Scombridae, Mackerels and Tunas 523
Centrolophidae, Medusafishes 529
Stromateidae, Butterfishes 533
Icosteidae, Ragfishes 536
Gobiesocidae, Clingfishes 539
Plates 1–81 542
Index of Biographical Names 627
Index of Scientific and Common Names 631

Volume Three
Family and Species Accounts
Anoplopomatidae, Sablefishes 649
Hexagrammidae, Greenlings 652
Rhamphocottidae, Grunt Sculpins 667
Cottidae, Sculpins 670
Hemitripteridae, Sea Ravens 743
Agonidae, Poachers 748
Psychrolutidae, Fatheads 784
Cyclopteridae, Lumpsuckers 796
Liparidae, Snailfishes 799
Bathymasteridae, Ronquils 826
Zoarcidae, Eelpouts 829
Stichaeidae, Pricklebacks 843
Cryptacanthodidae, Wrymouths 869
Pholidae, Gunnels 874
Anarhichadidae, Wolffishes 885
Ptilichthyidae, Quillfishes 888
Zaproridae, Prowfish 890
Scytalinidae, Graveldivers 894
Ophidiidae, Cusk-eels 896
Bythitidae, Viviparous Brotulas 899
Batrachoididae, Toadfishes 903
Paralichthyidae, Sand Flounders 906
Pleuronectidae, Righteye Flounders 912
Cynoglossidae, Tonguefishes 946
Molidae, Molas 949
Plates 82–155 952
Index of Biographical Names 1029
Index of Scientific and Common Names 1033




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Fishes of the Salish Sea: Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca (3-Volume Set)
€ 185,95
Fishes of the Salish Sea: Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca (3-Volume Set)
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