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    BirdWeather PUC

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    The BirdWeather PUC unlocks the sounds of nature - at home or on the go - recognizing over 6000 global species, automatically!... Show more
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    Product description proudly presents the BirdWeather PUC, an AI powered bioacoustics platform that simultaneously listens for birds, uploads detections in real-time and stores your data on the built-in microSD card.

    The PUC (Portable Universe Codec) is packed with dual microphones, WiFi/BLE, GPS, environmental sensors, and a built-in neural engine, all in a weatherproof enclosure, it's ready to capture all that nature can throw at it.

    The BirdWeather PUC is a simple, easy-to-use (one-button) portable device that is equally at home in your backyard, out in the field, or tagging along on a hike, continuously listening and identifying over 6.000 global bird species.

    There are multiple ways to enjoy yoour BirdWeather PUC:

    • Use it as a backyard acoustic station: set up your PUC at home and it will continuously listen for any birds in your backyard soundscape, uploading all detections in real-time so you’ll know who’s singing, even if you’re not around.
    • Use it while mobile birding: Take your PUC with you on a hike or a ride (even stash it in a safe place for a few days) and once back home, it will automatically upload to BirdWeather where you can explore everything that it heard.
    • Use it for your research: Want to use PUC for your own research project? No problem! It’ll store all your data on the built-in microSD card in a simple CSV format for easy import into your project.

    Cloud Processing

    The cloud server uses the BirdNET neural network (a joint project between the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Chemnitz University of Technology) to process all audio soundscapes from the PUC, featuring:

    • Over 6.000 global bird species!
    • Man-made sources (e.g. fireworks, engines)
    • Non-avian species (e.g. dog, fox, squirrel, frogs, insects)
    • Automatic removal of any soundscapes with human vocal detections


    In addition to its stereo microphones, the PUC is also packed with environmental sensors, including Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, tVOC, CO2, and a Spectral Light Sensor, so you're able to track local weather conditions as well!


    • BirdWeather PUC
    • Mobile app available for free in Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)
    • Web Dashboard: Explore and listen to bird vocalizations from your own backyard as well as stations around the globe on your laptop or pc.

    Technical Specifications BirdWeather PUC

    Processing/Wireless  ESP32-S3 MCU (Integrated 2.4 GHz WiFi/BlueTooth + AI Neural Engine)
    Audio2 x MEMS microphones
    LocationLow-Power GPS Module
    TimeUltra Precision Real Time Clock
    Environmental Sensors
    AI-Powered Enviro Sensor
    (Temp, Humidity, Pressure, VOC, AQI, CO2)
    11-Channel Spectal Light Sensor
    3-Axis Accelerometer/Magnetometer
    3 x AA Battery (Alkaline, Rechargeable, Lithium) (not included)
    uSD Card Slot / 32GB uSD Card (included)
    USB-C Data Connection (waterproof)
    Lighting3 x RGB LED
    BuzzerAudible Buzzer (80dB - Controllable via App)
    Tripod optionYes, tripod adapter
    Warranty1 year manufacturer's warranty

    About battteries

    You're welcome to use any type of AA battery in your PUC (Alkaline, NIMH, Lithium, and Lithium-Ion). It reports the (3x AA) voltage in the BirdWeather App, so you can keep tabs on battery life. You can also use any standard USB-C 5V power supply to keep your PUC continuously powered like a powerbank. It is possible to use your own solar panel for sustained energy.

    Please note: PUC is not able to charge batteries via the USB-C port - if you're using rechargeable batteries, you'll need to charge them externally. You can, however, power the PUC from USB-C with batteries installed, that is completely safe.

    What about Privacy?
    1 - BirdWeather automatically removes any soundscapes with human vocal detections.


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    4 from 5
    After reading about the “BirdWeather PUC” in the Veldshop newsletter I quickly bought it and put it to the test. The initial config wasn’t too difficult using USB-C cable leading from my computer for power and the “BirdWeather” app installed on my mobile phone (with Bluetooth switched on to connect to the PUC), at some point it asks for your WiFi settings so it will be able to upload the audio recordings directly from the PUC. With the app and puc up and running the firmware was also updated. The instructions on the website “PUC Quick Start Guide” I found easy to follow. Now I had to prepare for my little test drive, I changed the 32 Gb SD for a 128 GB SD card (there are no SD specs on the website but the 128 GB SD does work, I now think 32 Gb is plenty). From a practical POV: how was I going to attach the PUC to my backpack? At this point I was not prepared to shell out another 40+ euros on the custom BirdWeather backpack so I decided to fabricate my own little harness for the PUC using some string and making sure it was nowhere near the two microphones. I had a bit of luck with my backpack because I could dip the PUC in one of the pockets with 2/3 of the PUC still sticking out and the strings tied to a clip of sorts reducing the chance of the puc getting lost. If you consider the odd triangular shape of the PUC and the clip-on character of the bracket that is provided securing it to e.g. a backpack is no easy task. Perhaps some aftermarket solution or DIY hack will fix this problem. On the 12th of May 2024 starting at 3 PM I rode my (non-electric) bicycle from Den Bosch to Nijmegen (60-70 Km scenic route with detours to small nature reserves) at some point switching off the PUC because it got dark and I wanted to use my Batlogger M (never knew I really need a backpack that can accommodate two recording devices!). I powered the PUC with three NI-MH Eneloop AA batteries. During the trip there wasn’t much info available within the app (obviously with Bluetooth switched on) about my PUC and its recordings, so I was preparing myself that perhaps all day long nothing was recorded? When I returned home I connected the PUC to the USB-C power source and the PUC (to my delight!) started to upload the 930+ recordings to the Birdweather server through the WiFi connection. After your upload is completed the website shows you the results, if you know where to look for it: Explore menu  Data Explorer and then select your personal PUC (e.g. PUC-nnnn) with additional filter options. I was well pleased with the results, some obvious identification mistakes, but the bulk 100% accurate. I noticed the volume of the recordings was a bit weak so I increased the Db gain of my PUC in the Birdweather app for future recordings. The website is currently by far the weakest part of the Birdweather PUC system: you can’t set up a personal account and profile, the filters are limited and only available in a side menu, listening to a recording is a two click thing and moving on to the next or previous recording is rather slow or hangs outright. There are no reports for a particular day of field recordings (but obviously you can still select a particular day to view); selecting a particular species can only be accomplished through the side menu of filters, it should be possible in the main window. Any web developer worth her/his salt could dramatically improve the website in the time span of three days or so but I fear this very poor web interface is the one we will be looking at for a long time. Is it possible to connect your PUC to a computer and see what is stored on the SD card? For what I can tell the PUC is not recognized as a (USB) storage device, so the only way to view your data (including a CSV file with recording data) is by taking the SD card out of the PUC and putting it in a SD adapter connected to your computer, that is not ideal especially since the SD card sits in a feeble slide frame similar to SIM trays in many mobile phones. In conclusion the “BirdWeather PUC” is a great product, it will log a fantastic amount of bird sounds on your trips (or you could use it stationary collecting sounds at a particular location). The backend of the “BirdWeather PUC” platform, notably its website needs some serious improvements soon.
    Posted by: Michael Speer on 18 May 2024
    5 from 5
    Works excellent. The setup was a bit tricky and not all bird species are correctly identified, but AI will probably learn how to fix that in the future. Would definitely recommend.
    Posted by: Paul Stewart on 9 May 2024
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    BirdWeather PUC
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    BirdWeather PUC
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